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You are an entrepreneur, bootstrapping a new startup? You are becoming a writer for your first book or social media lineup? We made VisionTracker for creatives and entrepreneurs who work on time consuming projects. Projects that inspire you, that have the potential to change your life. With Vision Tracker we are helping you to plan exactly such endeavors. Increase your chances of success by joining for free. We are also providing daily insights into success strategies on twitter.

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Why are life goals important?

Whether you know it or not, you are already following goals. The question is: Are those goals your own?

It's easy to confuse our goals with what is forced onto us, be it by society, by our social circle, or whatever marketing throws our way. Revive your childhood dreams! Read more

Hall of Fame

The Hall Of Fame shows your future accomplishments. It makes them vivid and real, even before they are. Visualization is an important step in reaching your goals.

Do sport
I want to go for a run at least 3 times a week. This makes me healthy and happy.
100% progress
Travel the world
My goal is to see Venice, New York and Hong Kong within the next 5 years. This brodens my life by widening my horizons and stengtening spirit and resolve.
100% progress
I find strength in easy mediation. My goal is to do it daily and I want to have achieved this habbit until next year.
100% progress
Become an Influencer
I want to create amazing video content. My goal is to have 100.000 Follower on Youtube and Instagram.
100% progress
Be an Entrepreneur
My vision is to create my own business, make my own path, be creative. I assume it will take about five years and will take about 3000 hours. The reward will be a self-reliant lifestyle and way to express my creativity.
100% progress
What is your goal for 2022?
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Our Features

Write down what matters to you the most: Family, Career, Freedom of expression, whatever you chose. Set once, you can use this knowledge to rate all your goals.
Set your goals in a smart way by describing them in as much detail as you like. Set a date and try to imagine which goal improves your life the most by rating them with your priorities.
Track your time in a pleasant way. Every minute counts towards your goal. The timer calculates regular time investments, small enough to not overwhelm you but regularly enough to reach your goal.
Glossy UI

We take a lot of pride in our app and so the design is being improved upon all the time. The target is a highly customizable, responsive and just nice to look upon visual experience as the digital representation should look worthy of your goals being already achieved or in the future.

Hall Of Fame
A beautiful Hall Of Fame showing all of your accomplishments. Think of it as a digital vision board. Upload images to strengthen the visualization of your goal.
Goal Analytics
Goal analytics offers all the nice graphs you would expect from such an app, but also date approximations, whether you reach your goal in time or even earlier.

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