Why are life goals important?

You are already following goals

Are those goals your own?

It's easy to confuse our goals with what is forced onto us, be it by society, by our social circle, or whatever marketing throws our way.

  • Want to be happy? Buy this car!
  • Want to be a trendsetter? Buy those clothes!
  • Want to have more financial freedom? Get that promotion!

This sounds enticing because we strive for simple answers. But life is more complicated than that.

As soon as we own the new car and after a short phase of excitement, nothing has changed. New clothing does not make us trendsetters. The next big promotion we worked so hard on leads to more of the same.

Find Your Destiny

What should I do? A good place to start is to revive the dreams and visions you had in your childhood. It might be as well something you never did or disliked the first time. Find out what inspires you that much, that you would be happy to do it regardless of circumstance? This might sound easier said than done as we have adapted to the status quo. We have commitments and responsibilities we need to meet. Forget what you think you know about yourself. Everyone of us has unique talent. Talent that we can use to realize our dreams.

To succeed you need the courage to find your talent and the consistency to make use of it. The rewards yet will be worth the hassle.


We are all too ready to accept a situation that is not great or even bad because we fear that it somehow could get worse. At the same time, nothing should stand in your way of improving your life step by step. Eventually you can reach a level that is so amazing you would label it impossible today.

A life that fulfills your dreams and exceeds them.

Now Is The Time To Act

Why are life goals important?

Because to have the right goals, means to be in control. It is way of realizing your potential and to create a life that is worthy of you. A life that is leading to great outcomes like wealth and good relations as a mere by-product.

We don't pretend to own the last truth. Nor do we think that such a magic formula exist. Our process is heavily influenced by stoicism, power of habits and modern leadership theory.

We are presenting you the full process in the upcoming blog entries.

  • Find your life’s values
  • Create smart goals that align with those values
  • Working with consistency to put first things first
  • How to set up systems to ensure your long term success

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